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Published on sep 10

Our Company only employee security options for staff member tracking integrate the management, ingenious spirit and forward thinking about both moms and dad business Kings III and establishing business, Connexion2. With 25 years of experience, Kings III Emergency Communications is the country's just complete supplier of emergency situation interaction services, supplying worker tracking services throughout the United States and Canada. In 2013, Kings III got UK based only employee expert Our Company in a tactical transfer to broaden the service into the North American market and to provide class-leading employee security services internationally. At Our Company, the main focus mirrors that of our moms and dad business: only employee security. We take excellent pride in servicing the client above all else which focus equates into all lines of our business. Keeping an existing client pleased is more vital than acquiring a brand-new one. As a personal business, we do not need to cut corners to make quarterly earnings objectives. As an outcome, our client retention rate is exceptionally high in the markets we serve. Crucial to you is that we support exactly what we offer and service. If there is an issue, we repair it, duration. We remain in the life security business and comprehend our items need to work when required.